Charlie Gunningham
Startup leadership
I started leading teams in my second year of teaching, back in 1987… 36 years ago. Oh my goodness. I had leadership ‘thrust upon me’, you might say. I had completed just one year of teaching, and the school appointed another Economics teacher, and de facto, I was made Head of Department. Within a year,...
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A year ago, after yet another one-sided Ashes context down under – a 4-0 defeat this time, like the last, and the time before that – the battered and bruised English team limped home to endure the usual soul-searching from the media and assorted punditry. It was not just the defeat. Nor its manner. England...
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Increasingly, not for profit boards are paying their board members... why? and how much?
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Collapses happen due to bad structures
In cricket, as in business or construction, collapses happen due to bad structures
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Incite Awards trophy
Winning the WA Entrepreneur of the Year award was humbling, and a huge honour...
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Scoring startup
Ten factors investors should use when assessing tech startups
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Pitching heroes
The real heroes at a pitch night are those getting up and giving it a go.
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Cyber Attack
I was attacked, and still don't have access to my own Facebook account, 4 weeks later. If I'd had 2FA, I'd have been safe.
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What pitching can teach us about business
If you were to start your business again - right now - would you be doing the things you currently do? It's a question every business owner should be asking themselves regularly.
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About Charlie

For the past two decades, I have driven digital transformation and led change at various innovative companies, obtaining strong results.

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