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Co-host Charlie Gunningham

What people are saying about charlie

“This was one of the best that I have attended, Charlie’s a great speaker and so inspirational… Well done to all involved.”

WA Leaders
July 2020

“Fantastic effort by everyone to bring this online, and Charlie did a terrific job as MC!”

Virtual PitchFest
May 2020

“I thought Charlie Gunningham gave a great presentation, takes a lot to hold my attention for that long and he did it right to the very end.”

Joondalup Business Forum
June 2017

Charlie Gunningham, in action

Keynotes, panellist, moderator, MC, podcaster, online or in person… I’m comfortable in these different settings. My favourite topics include digital disruption, transformation, commercialisation and strategy, borne of my 20+ year experiences in leading and managing innovative businesses…

2020 Lateral Incite Awards, May 2020

Virtual Pitch Fest

Charlie Gunningham, Sept 2017

Ask Alyka Podcast

"Go Jump off a ledge!” - Aug 2017 - speech starts at 16 mins

UWA Graduation Address

Selling your online business – the story, 2013

Perth Morning Startup

Startup Weekend, report on winners, 2013

Video Report

Moderating a panel, 2012

REIWA Conference

TV ad "Sticky Beaks", 2013

Interviewed on ‘e’ program, Sept 2000


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