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Have an idea, a project or a business that needs some help or hard-won advice? Let’s have a coffee …


Over 25+ years, I’ve built successful businesses through to exit and learnt a lot. Could I help you …?


In startups, scale ups, SMEs, NFPs and government agencies, I bring innovation experience to boards …


Need an engaging speaker, MC or panellist, someone with 25+ years tech/business experience …?


Uncertainty abounds. You need time to plan, think things through. You need someone on your side. Sone who’s been there and done it before. And who has a track record of success.


If you allow yourself the space and time to think, your brain will actually do amazing things. Solve all manner of problems. Impossible becomes I’m possible. 


Whatever you want to achieve, in your business or life, can seem more attainable. 



Why “Damburst”?

Ignoring trends does not make them go away. They tend to grow bigger. 

It’s like water pressing up on the edge of a dam. Year upon year of pressure.

Then, a small chink appears … and whoosh!  the whole thing comes crashing down.

Don’t be the organisation that gets smashed in the resulting wreckage.

Yes, there are threats, but there are also many opportunities.

“Better YOU burst the dam, than have the dam burst on you.”

What Clients Say

  • “Excellent work; really thorough and clear, which we greatly appreciate. I have gained a number of new insights… Your experience and clear-thinking shines through, thank you.”

  • “Your work was fantastic – thank you. It crystallised our thought processes, and made the future plans so much more obvious. Obviously, your prior experience in all these matters really helped.”

  • “Many thanks for your report and all of the work that has obviously gone into it. We have gleaned a number of insights from it. It will definitely be used as a valuable resource to help guide and inform our future efforts.”

  • Thanks again for all your hard work. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about your efforts.