Do clients of yours, of many years standing, drift off and do business elsewhere? Frustrating isn’t it?! Anyone in sales knows the hard smack of rejection this emotes. Not nice.  Consumer behaviour theory will tell you that people make purchasing decisions based on a variety of factors – with primacy and recency being high among them....
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A year ago I bought myself a nice new 4 cylinder petrol car with all the mod cons. I’ve driven 8,000 kms, which divided by the number of work days (it really only takes me to work and back, plus the odd meeting) is 32 kms a day. The average car commutes 55 kms a...
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I like clouds – they are amazing things. I can stare at them for hours, lying on my back in a field or out the window of a plane flying through and above them. White and fluffy, and making all our weather work. * insert Day Dream sequence here! * Few hours later… a chance conversation  with...
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I almost set up a blog 5 years ago. My company was contemplating an IPO  at the time and a fellow CEO urged me to blog about the whole dang process. “When will you ever get the chance again?” Good point. I got as far as setting one up, but never did anything. Like so...
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