Last night I attended a GMA event on ‘Leading Boards’ with Michael Chaney, Margaret Sears and Michael Smith – each have extensive Board experience, here are my notes: Chaney: putting a Board together has become more of a serious business usually there is a full search process, with a skills matrix showing gaps that need...
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I felt better that I got that off my chest yesterday, so here’s another bug bear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time“. No excuse. Ever! You mean you did not prioritise and make time. You thought something else was more important, which may be true, so at least be honest and say that. That’s...
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Many moons ago in a former job on a different continent I remember seeing a circus performer give an electrifying ad lib performance to a school assembly, involving several of the students there assembled. During the mayhem, he looked up and said “if any of yers see a job for a company that talks about...
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I like clouds – they are amazing things. I can stare at them for hours, lying on my back in a field or out the window of a plane flying through and above them. White and fluffy, and making all our weather work. * insert Day Dream sequence here! * Few hours later… a chance conversation  with...
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