Entire industries have been disrupted. Overnight.

Post COVID, the world is not going to be the same again. Digital transformation and strategy has only accelerated.

We’re not going back to how it was. We move forward.

Yes, change can be unsettling. It’s always been thus.

However, there are significant opportunities out there.

Over the past two decades I’ve lead various digital organisations and transformed businesses in tough, competitive environments.

I am available to help you with …

  • Strategic review/audit of your organisation
  • Existing digital footprint and gaps
  • Major/relevant industry trends
  • External threats
  • Transformational opportunities
  • Growth strategies
  • Planning and managing the change
  • Key metrics, now and for the future
  • Recommendations and action plans

As I like to say, better you burst the dam than have the dam burst on you…

– Charlie Gunningham MBA BA(Hons) GAICD PGCE
Founder and MD, Damburst Pty Ltd

Digital. Strategy. Innovation. Transformation. Growth. Advisory.