The Gunninghams



No, we’re not ‘Cunningham’!

The bane of every Gunninghams’ existence, we turn up at every ticketing event to find our tickets under ‘C’ and our name misspelt. I remember turning up to my school and finding they had my wrong.

Gunningham in fact dates back to the 1100’s. It is probably a derivation of the olde Englishe name ‘Gundwein‘ meaning ‘battle friend’. The name was taken to Ireland where it became Cunningham. Cunninghams must have bred faster than their Gunningham forebears, for there are probably 1000 of the ‘C’ version to every ‘G’ person. Hence the confusion.

It is said that some villages in Somerset (near where I was born) Gunningham is a common name. I have only met one Gunningham (anywhere) that was not a close relative of mine (and there aren’t many of them). Indeed, on our side of the family tree, it is up to my own son Andrew, and my 2 nephews Richard and Hugh to continue the surname. On every other limb, the name has disappeared with marriage.

The family tree above is a simplified version of one my brother Paul sent to me recently. Still a work in progress 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Gunninghams

  1. loving the surname, I too am very proud of it.

    My late father ran the scrumpy and western site and had regular with some west country folk – even though I live near (and work) in central London now

    H Gunningham.

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