Post Covid, there’s no more debate.

Business has changed. Entire industries have been disrupted. Overnight. Many organisations were – and maybe still are – unprepared for the forces impacting their industry. The future is uncertain. READ MORE…

It’s like water pressing up on the edge of a dam. Year upon year of pressure. Then, one day, a small chink appears, and whoosh, the whole thing comes crashing down.

I’ve witnessed these transformational forces in business these past few decades. I’ve been right in amongst it. I’ve been the disruptor, and I’ve been disrupted.

As much as there are major threats, there are also enormous opportunities for those organisations that get it right.

I help organisations that are serious about dealing with – and taking advantage of – digital disruption, transformation, strategy, growth opportunities and leadership. From startups through to corporates.

As I like to say, better you burst the dam than have the dam burst on you…

– Charlie Gunningham MBA BA(Hons) GAICD PGCE
Founder and MD, Damburst Pty Ltd

Digital. Strategy. Innovation. Transformation. Growth. Advisory.


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