What is this blog about?

Business is changing. Entire industries are being disrupted. Seemingly overnight. Many organisations are unprepared for the forces that are currently impacting their industry, or are about to hit them.

It’s a bit like water pressing up on the edge of a dam. Year upon year of pressure. Then, one day, a small chink appears, and whoosh, the whole thing comes crashing down.

I’ve witnessed these effects in advertising & media (from both sides), and we’ve all seen them hit the post, video stores, music, retail and TV industries … and we’ve not seen anything yet.

What will robotics, autonomous vehicles, bots, AI, AR & VR, machine learning, big data and batteries do to the mining, power, real estate, agriculture, finance, insurance, construction industries and government … and more?

As much as there are major threats, there are also enormous opportunities for those organisations that align themselves correctly.

This blog (my ‘damburst of opinion’) contains some thoughts about the world of digital disruption, transformation, strategy and leadership.

As I like to say, “better you burst the dam than have the dam burst on you…


– Charlie Gunningham MBA BA(Hons) GAICD PGCE

P.S. No, that’s not me in the picture above đŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “What is this blog about?

  1. Charlie.

    We met on Jan 22 at a Spacecube event in Perth. I will like to seek your help with some guidance on a decision I am about to make and will appreciate if you will send me your contact details by email so that I may call you and book an appointment with you.

    I am average technologically savy and want to get a start-up business up and running. However, I need some guidance on how to manage and avoid some technological pit falls.

  2. Hey Charlie,

    Met you at a MeetUp last year where you spoke very well about the journey of AussieHome.com. I’ve had my own journey over the last year transitioning from Director of a successful Perth based company to move to Melbourne, have a bub with my wife and build technology that could have some applications in Real Estate.

    I’d like to get in touch to tell you our story and see if anything we have done can be useful in your past and present roles.


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