Customer Service Supreme – well done iiNet

iiNet totally gets customer service

Thanks iiNet for being a business that totally GETS customer service…

Rang up for a new nano SIM card today (… it’s Christmas Eve) – phone answered and I’m speaking to a real life person within 10 seconds. 10 minutes later I’m walking into their store, having parked right outside, I am greeted nicely and take a seat in the lounge area. During that few minutes wait I glance through some plate glass and see their NPS (net promoter score) screen displaying their up to date score. A friendly staff member comes over, sorts out my new SIM in about 30 seconds and does not want to charge me for it. I’m in and out in 3 minutes, and feel like a King.

And now I’m telling you.

Good, genuine attention to customers actually makes sense; wow them and they not only repeat buy, they become brand evangelists and spread the word. If you don’t know what NPS scores are and how they make customer service central to what a business does, Google it! or click here, or here.

More businesses could learn from this, and maybe enjoy more success in 2015.

Merry Christmas all and see you next year.

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