Klout scoring your twitter folks

Klout Scores showing on your twitter streamI am becoming more and more impressed with the new look Klout, a free service some may have dabbled with a few years ago, then put aside as a meaningless ‘online influence rating‘ score, and not much more.

Well the guys and gals at Klout have been working away to improve things and add value (do I have to remind you it’s still free?!) and a few weeks ago I posted about their new curation service. Yesterday I was prompted to download their new Chrome Browser app (yes, your internet browser can now come loaded with apps), which then acts as a fast way to keep tabs on your own klout page (to get that all that curation happening quick smart) but also displays everyone’s klout score on your twitter feed (see image grab above). Now that is interesting. Instantly, you can see who is more influential (remember, it’s not what you say so much as what others say about you). Seeing who is influential gives you a clue to how much power they have online (a bit like seeing the SEO power of a website as a score in search results).

Klout has not just released a new Chrome browser app, they also have one for Firefox or Safari browsers, so click here to  find out how to install them and how to use them.

Impressive Klout. You’re making it hard to ignore you!

5 thoughts on “Klout scoring your twitter folks

  1. I have always believed in Klout, and glad to see them evolving quite well.. finally. Thanks for the great write up!

  2. What is klout? Who can see? Can I see Charlie Gunningham klout? How do we go about it? Were do you find it? Is klout a personal matter or is it shared Like rank on linkedin? Why is it important? When does it change? How soon? If some one can find my klout Please report.

  3. I’ll have to try their curation service. I’m currently a big fan of Feedly and Zite (Recently acquired by Flipbook) on my mobile.

  4. Klout is an interesting metric, and one of many. The scored itself can be influenced if you are in a lot of conversations, ask questions of specific people or on your birthday (mine peaked at my highest score of 69). It isn’t the be all measure but is a useful metric to have in your tool kit for sure. Didn’t realise there was a Safari plug in… promptly going to check it out!

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