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Yesterday I attended  XMediaLab’s ‘Video + Social’ conference. There were 5 main speakers, with information ranging from what you can do with video, to how trad media is dying (if not already dead) to how mobile fuels the demand for video via social. And loads more besides. It’s all about great content, and the Milennials (born after 1980) are feeding the frenzy… oh lordy.

Duane Varan ~ Capitalising on a multi screen universe, @duanevaran

  • bio metrics can measure ppl’s interest during TV watching; during the US VP debate Repubs were all doing fine until the ‘moment’ (Biden said to Ryan “what, so you’re Jack Kennedy now?”) – the bubble popped, and the debate changed thereafter – yet the media did not pick up this; we can measure this in real time
  • cross platform devices makes for more complex world; in fact all ads create near same responses on any device, so the device does not make a difference (discovered 10 years ago in Perth)
  • day after recall is low ~ if TV only there is 60% recall, but with 2nd screen this plummets (less than 10%) ~ becos the 2nd screen becomes the 1st
  • = huge problem; the solution is build a “cognitive bridge” – have same ad banners/creative on TV and 2nd screen and then recall crosses over; have synchronised virtual banners
  • research shows ppl like to choose, choice enhances impact of ads; but not a forced choice. If you get the choice wrong, impact implodes
  • the longer the exposure, the higher the impact; it’s about time, not views
  • interactivity is good, it can triple purchasing intent; interactivity stimulates anticipation, but the ad that follows then gets v little attention (you don’t want to follow one of these ads)
  • but don’t over try at interaction; some demographics don’t like it, so scale it back; you can ruin the story, and in the end it’s the storytelling that works best
  • interactive gaming meant the actors looked unbelievable as they had no motivation; but if you keep the same ending/beginning, this can solve the issue
Samir Bangara ~ Cracking the Da Vinci code of Online video; @samirbangara
  • by 2017 it will take 5mn years to consume all the video that will traverse the internet in a month
  • 70% of all net traffic will be video; 1bn YT users, 100 hrs of video uploaded a minute. You cannot watch it all
  • G+ is not a social netwk (altho it’s the 2nd largest) it’s an integration of all G does
  • Gen X are on the way out, the Millennials (born after 1980) will dominate content creation and consumption
  • 1994 Banner ads had 78% CTR (click through rate), now it’s 0.2%
  • FB has now brought video into streaming news
  • Likes less important, sharing and engagement is the currency
  • FB side banners less important, integrated sponsorship and updates more useful
  • Sponsored content ~ communications, not selling; ppl shun ads, ppl want to consume content: self publishing, ongoing process
  • digital mkting = no story, just selling
  • spon’d content = evolving, growing fast, real time mkting,
  • 30% Milennials in US watch NO TV at all, but hours and hours of online video every day
  • Disney bought Maker Studios for almost $1bn ~ collaborate with 60k content providers, multi channel network, monetise most of YT traffic, 250m users/mth
  • eg Pewdiepie videos: Swedish game maker, 25mn subscribers – You may not like it, but it’s probably not for you, the traffic is immense (40mn views/video)
  • So ~ set 3 do’s and 2 don’ts and empower your 20-somethings; let them loose
  • don’t use YT as a catch up or video dump; use 1/10th of your TV ad budget to create 30 videos with engaging content
  • humour is overdone, go for emotion
  • destination is irrelevant for users, they just want the content
  • partner with creators, become a multi channel network; create huge amounts of findable content
  • on spon’d content, spend <30% talking about your own brand, >70% talking about something else
  • create ebooks (HubSpot do this best, and drive consulting off it), video, blogs
  • “if all research was right, then 9 out of 10 shows would not fail!”
  • “Crowdspeaking”: e.g. Thunderclap ~ look at it, Obama used it; allows your message to go out FROM ppl’s social networks, simultaneously. How powerful is that?! ~
  • Troye Sivan, Australian, 18 years old, 1.8mn susbcribers: 909k views in a week
Dan Hon ~ Big Advertising’s view of video, social and mobile: @hondanhon
  • everyone hates advertising!
  • FB comicon ad, used real ppl, humour, and FB show how groups/gregarious we are
  • P+G used emotion (far stronger) & story telling to tie their brand to Mums to the Olympics:
  • “do the hardwork to make it easy”
  • social “are” networks, social has splintered
  • mobile is the interface, mobile is a multiplier
  • this is what computers were meant to be, always on, everywhere, in your pocket: not just on every desk, for everyone. This is now a reality
Richard Cardran ~ How to turn content archives into gold
  • recontextualise archive content – thru cut downs, cut ups, supercuts and dubtitling …
  • cut downs ~ present the narrative but snack size
  • cut ups ~ all the ‘D’Ohs’ from Homer Simpson in one reel,
  • or Nick Bertke (from Perth!) 9 min views of Snow White: his channel >
  • supercut ~ muti referential from many sources; e.g. “Too Doo” Pink Panther theme:
  • use The Internet Archive, it’s free, Rick Prelinger:
  • dubtitling ~ adding new titles to existing footage, Bonnie Tyler song, Downfall clips
Rachel Dixon ~ Does social drive media or media drive social? @viocorp
  • most successful YT channels are earning $100ks maybe, but rest are earning v little
  • yet, they get bought by big media for multi-millions
  • video on demand (VOD) is working, e.g. with 1m viewers a day; catch up TV in Malaysia
  • iphone is a studio in your pocket
  • algorithms and editorial work, but not without editorial; you can’t just be purely data driven
  • big dollars are in editorial and algorithms
  • native ads (sponsored content) is a big deal
  • read Luke O’Neill “The Year we broke the Internet”, Esquire;
  • understand recommendation engines, it drives traffic
  • Read “Year Zero” novel by Rob Reid (2012) ~ was Bill Gates an alien to hold back progress in computers?!
  • Talk is cheap, content is expensive!

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8 thoughts on “Trends in Video + Social

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  2. thanks Charlie…may I suggest a couple of corrections
    1. In 207 – will take 5m years for you to consume the video that traverses the internet in just 1 month
    2. 70% of all internet traffic will be video
    3. FB’s auto run video ads have already been rolled out in Dec 13 – they will go mainstream this year 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on shitpetesays and commented:
    This was a really interesting event, really glad I made it. Besides all the great learnings and top notch presentations, the networking was invaluable. Certainly a huge amount of opportunity with video and social but a lot of considerations to take into account to optimise potential.

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