Not here for a haircut

The Donald

The Donald – and that famous haircut

A cricket coach of mine used to turn up to training, survey the scene and pronounce “C’mon boys, get organised, we’re not here for a haircut!” We would all groan and start our stretches.

“Not here for a haircut” has become a favourite saying. I use it a lot. It’s quirky and punches through. It raises a smile, and it’s better than saying “come on guys, get your **** in gear” or stating the ‘bleedin obvious‘ Basil Fawlty style.

Traditional Pub Scene. Man asks other “want another beer mate?”. “Not here for a haircut” comes the response. Beers duly ordered. Scene ends.

Well travelled Aussie folk band ‘Rough Red‘ has just released their new album ‘Not Here for a Haircut’. Where did the name come for the album, asked the reporter? Steve Tyson, band member explains ~

We’ve had this saying floating around in the band for years. After a gig, or sitting on a canal in a café in Amsterdam, someone will say, “Are we going to have a drink?” And the response will usually be, “Well, we’re not here for a haircut.”

Traditional use.

I found this Youtube video showing another band playing their jazz ditty: Not Here for a Haircut – Elad Mileikowsky on tenor sax  is awesome.

My boy was bemoaning his new (tougher) basketball coach the other day. ‘He shouted at us and told us to get moving‘. “Well, you’re not there for a haircut” came my response. [Translation: suck it up lad, put more effort in and listen to your coach.]

Looking around business life, I see many people seemingly there for a haircut. Life is not going to hand it to you on a plate. Stop sitting around looking/sounding clever for effect. A haircut occurs every 2 to 3 months, the rest of the time, you are literally NOT there for a haircut.

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