So you have a Start-Up Idea…?

Start Up tips

This slide deck is from a 20-minute talk I gave to the Founders Institute launch this week. I told a few hard knock stories about my own start-up experiences and from other startups I advise and mentor from time to time.

The main takeaways are:

  1. ideas are fine, but its’ the execution of the idea that matters
  2. allow your brain to declutter, so ideas come (in the car, bathroom, on the plane)
  3. don’t fall in love with your product, fall in love with your client
  4. work out who your client is (hint: they are the ones paying you money)
  5. if you’re not solving a problem for your client, you won’t create value for them, and won’t be able to charge them anything (so won’t be in business for long)
  6. startups are easy (because you’re buying things), selling things is harder (but without sales, you’re dead)
  7. build a great team of people who (a) genuinely want to help the clients and (b) are willing to learn
  8. it’s never the technology/marketing/strategy…, it’s always about the people in your team
  9. don’t bet the bank… use a lean startup approach because opportunities present themselves just by being out there, so be prepared to pivot
  10. keep calm when under pressure… losing your cool only gets your blood pressure up, and you’ll still have the same problem in 5 minutes time

I hope they prove useful for anyone contemplating starting up a tech business (or any really). They worked (and still work) for me.

What do you reckon…?


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