Another year in the blogosphere

Blog 2013

Happy New Year dear reader. It’s 2014 – amazing! I remember the turn of the century as it was just a year or so ago. In fact, I remember NY 1989 as I’d just arrived in Singapore, and 10 years earlier, aged 16 a great NY party in 1979 (as ABBA sang “it’s the start of a decade, where will we be, down the line at the end of ’89?” – agh, they don’t write lyrics like that anymore)…

Anyway. In my 2nd year of blogging I settled in somewhat – 46 posts as against the even 100 I did in 2012. Still, it’s quality not quantity right? About once a week – I’ll be looking to do that again in 2014 – anything on internet, technology, management and life generally. Probably the odd rant about cricket… depending how the English team goes.

Last year I had 5,800 visitors to my blog – the year before 5,200. 82 have signed up to receive my posts in their InBox (I love you all!) – up from 36 this time last year. My busiest day was March 23rd when I announced I was leaving online real estate (after 13 happy years) and moving to online media. My most viewed post though was a nostalgic look at ‘lost technology’ and the old banda machine – remember those? As a teacher, I became quite adept at using the things. Visitors to my blog came from 86 countries (holy moley!), whereas in 2012 they had come from 76.

2013 was a momentous one for me – I turned 50, changed jobs/industries, did a major reno to the house (adding a whole floor) and had holidays in Langkawi, Singapore, Mandurah, Paris, London and Halifax. I enjoyed being Chair of the Board of our local primary school, and returned to coaching cricket (my son’s U-10 team) after a 14 coaching break.

I’m looking forward to 2014 – it’s going to be a great year.

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