The shift to mobile {slidedeck}

A few weeks ago I presented at the inaugural BigTech13 conference in Perth; topic was ‘mobile and its effects on business’.

I spoke about the shift from print to online, and then within that shift is the shift to mobile (and within that will next be the shift to wearables). The thing about these changes are they are slow and inexorable, but if you ignore them (and they can easily be ignored) it only gets more expensive to fix them later. And if totally ignored, they could spell the end of your business.

In my Dad’s case, his brain tumour (thankfully benign) is a story I tell to show how no one saw (including me) that Dad was getting worse, as the blasted thing was growing inside him for 5 years. It was the size of a golf ball by the time they got it out.  I start the talk with another favourite Dad story, some 50 years earlier just before D-Day. He was horribly lost leading a convoy down a small country road. The only way to turn the convoy around and get back on track was to use a field to U-turn them all inside. Sometimes managers prefer to carry on in the wrong direction. It takes a brave one to admit they are wrong, and often lateral thinking is required to come up with an answer to shift the organisation.

Prezi version of the talk:

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