Blue Skies over WA


One thing I do like about living in Western Australia is the stunning blue sky. 290 days of sunshine a year makes it quite a normal sight. So frequent that you might take it for granted.

Today, a spring day, the sky was as deep a blue as you might wish to see. We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, which is much needed (but not if you are trying to get a new roof done as I am).

25 years ago I was teaching in England, and our Headmaster used to go around saying “Blue skies over Hertfordshire”. He wasn’t talking about the weather. He wasn’t necessarily being optimistic about the future. He was talking about the governing conservative party and the realities that this presented.

Last Saturday night a new conservative government was elected in Australia. The Labor vote, especially in WA, was down below 30%. The uncertainty of the past three years with a hung parliament has been replaced. For many this was a huge sigh of relief. The incoming PM announced “Australia is under new management and open for business.”

It’s spring, the sun is coming out, and so it’s blue skies over WA. Meteorogically, politically, psychologically, literally …

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