Publicity for your business

Click the presentation above to watch 20 quick slides on how to publicise your new business. Chock full of advice and examples from my experience with

Some tips:

  1. it’s not sizzle, it about a single, clear message (e.g. Apple’s “Think Different”)
  2. people don’t listen anymore, but that’s OK, talk to the innovators and early adopters, they listen
  3. don’t talk to the mass market (too expensive to get their attention), let the early adopters spread the word
  4. make your idea easy to spread – social media can help
  5. free media is available – journalists have stories to find, make it easy for them
  6. media attention is great for credibility with investors, staff, clients, prospects… free marketing
  7. treat journos like clients; keep in touch, listen and take them for coffee
  8. use parochial nature of WA to release stories of plucky WA companies doing well
  9. managing your online reputation involves gaining control of Google search results
  10. don’t “streisand yourself” – stifling debate and free speech in an over reaction

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