Mobile takes centre stage


Three years ago I wrote one of my first ever posts, ” Trend for 2010: it’s mobile stoopid!” Later that year the iPad was launched and the trend to mobile stepped up another level.

Consider these stats:

* Australia – 14th in list of countries in the number of smartphone subscribers (16m) = 50% of total phones, 44% growth year on year. China has 240m subscribers (24%)
* only Japan, Korea, Canada and Sweden have greater % smartphone penetration (Jap 65%, Korea 59%, Can 55%, Sweden 54%)
* 1b smartphone users globally, compared to 5bn phones (so there’s still upside)
* globally, 13% of all internet traffic is on mobile (up from 1% in 2009, 4% in 2010)
* in India, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet in mid 2012.
* mobile app revenue worldwide is a US $19b industry (up from $0.7b in 2008)
* 2013 – number of tablets + smartphones exceeded desktop + laptops in operation
* 2002 – number of mobiles surpassed landlines (which peaked in 2006) and is now 4x landlines
* 2008 – number of smartphones with cameras shipped exceeded the number of cameras shipped

For more: Mary Meeker “Internet Trends” Report Dec 2012, KPCB

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