Clicks converts to Bricks

buying online or just looking?

A typical story I think…

Aiming to buy some electrical goods, I took to the Internet to do some window shopping and check prices. Once there, I was impressed by the well thought out search engine and ease of use, such that I thought “why not buy online and have it delivered?”

So I started putting items in the shopping cart, and this is where the online experience fell apart. Mostly, the items were either not in stock (although arriving at the store later there were plenty) or could not be bought online (only picked up from the store).

Hence half an hour later I find myself in the store with a print out of the items, bought them, put them in the car, and returned happy. It was good to go into the store, banter with the staff, get the discounts I wanted. All ended well but something in me thought the online experience failed and could have (should have) been better. Or was it some clever ruse to get me enticed and have me buy at the bricks n mortar store all along?

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