Run every business like a StartUp

startup zest

Run every business like a startup … the secret is how to keep that buzz, hunger and excitement going. Too many businesses are just dead boring. Going through the motions. Budgets and meetings. Political workplaces. Them and us. The thrill has gone. The edge has gone. It was there at the beginning, why must it not be there now? It’s all got so safe, maybe the founders have left long ago, or maybe it has all just turned into a job. There are so many people relying on it now, you better steer the safe course, stick to the knitting, low risk.

We spend so much time at work, it makes me sad when I see a joyless workplace. Work hard, yes. Happy productivity is the key. Don’t lose that nervy edge.

I didn’t realize how much fun running a start up/ small business would be until I actually did it for real for ten years. Crazy, scary, and so much fun. Every day was different. We had hard times, when we did not know how we would make the week out, let alone the month. Yet something kept us all going. And when we came through the toughest times, the better times were so much better as a result.

Don’t forget the fun and edge. We only come around once, so it should be interesting.

Perth Startup Weekend is on March 8-10th and is already sold out. A third of those that attended Perth’s first ever StartUp Weekend last September will be back again. I expect that speaks volumes for the hunger for startups in these parts. I’ll be there, because I feed off the energy of the participants. There are stars in their eyes.

We should never lose that feeling.

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