Thoughts from a Conference

Conference in full swing

[tweetmeme source=”ChazGunningham” only_single=false]Spent a day at our annual conference last week, and it was very impressive. 830 attendees, which made it the second largest of its kind in the country, and possibly the largest if you count numbers attending per day. But it is never quantity in these things, it is quality, and quality there was.

The keynote speakers each had 90 minutes and managed to fill the time with inspirational ideas on how to move your business/life forward. The advice was not earth shattering in itself, but a strong reminder of what could be done, presented by people who had done it themselves. These guys had lived and breathed it, were passionate about it, and had a finely honed address down pat. You just wanted to run out of there and get cracking.

Much of the benefit of any conference is gleaned away from the conference hall; the people you meet, the things you see on the trade shows, and the networking, contacts and ideas that result. “CorridorCon” as its known.

Plus, perhaps an unknown benefit is the simple fact of getting away from the routine of day to day work. Getting out of the office, away from the emails and phone calls, and letting your mind consider what you have been doing, and what can be done. One day a year, not much to ask. Time to take stock, make new plans, adjust existing ones. Roll on next year.

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