Family is what it is all about[tweetmeme source=”ChazGunningham” only_single=false] It’s a big week in the Gunningham family. Tomorrow my mother in law turns 70 & my niece turns 21. On Monday  Lisa/I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversay, then 3 days later Lisa has her birthday, then 3 days later so do I. In between a sister in law has a birthday and Muffin (the eldest of our two gorgeous shi tzus) turns 2. I believe we will be eating out a lot this week, and the old waistline will take a hammering. But we will all be in our element, our family will be together, celebrating and sharing in the moment and memories.

Yesterday I was fortunate to be invited to a lovely lunch in the city, with my host having three other members of his family around him at the table. I felt privileged to be invited, and as the discussion went around, there were some lovely moments of recollection as we each shared our own stories of what brought us and our families to Perth. It was a lot about family, and Perth being such a great place to raise a family.  Possibly the most poignant moment was the patriarch relating his story of arriving here not knowing any English. One day he looked out over the Indian Ocean and realised it touched his homeland far away, and that going back was not an option. He had to make it here. And make it he did. As did his family.

When I arrive home from a hard day’s work, the family keep me grounded and always relax me, no matter how stressed I may feel. The dogs probably provide the warmest welcome, and the children can either jump up into my arms (or carry on playing Wii). Lisa will be in the kitchen, the heart of the house. Her mother (staying with us at the moment) will be cooking up a storm. I feel the day melt away.

Broadening things out, your family can also be those you work with, your friends, fellow parents, the neighbourhood, clients, suppliers … pretty much anyone you come into contact with, and beyond.

It’s all family. No one is an island.

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