Five plus Five is a Butterfly

five plus five is a butterfly

[tweetmeme source=”ChazGunningham” only_single=false] A young girl asked her Mum “what’s 5 and 5 Mum?”, to which the Mum replied “Why don’t you tell me darling?” to which the daughter said, “It’s a butterfly!”. Her Mum looked at her quizzically and replied “How so?”. The little girl held her hands up together and made a butterfly by interlinking her thumbs and splaying her hands wide, waggling her fingers.

I spent yesterday morning at our local primary school in a strategy/branding workshop with fellow Board and P&C members. The moderator did a great job and soon has us moulding with PlayDoh (boy, that smell took me back), bending pipe cleaners, creating visions and positioning statements.

It got a few of us thinking about what it is like to be 8 again, allowed to run and skip and create, and how we had become straight jacketed by our post primary schooling and university and adult life to think in predictable straight lines.

5 plus 5 is a butterfly. Precisely.

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