1000 Awesome Things

About a year ago, I saw a TED Talk with a guy talking about his blog, 1000 Awesome things; it won prizes at best blog, and started with a delightful idea – no matter how hard life can seem at times, there have got to be 1000 things that are awesome. So he counted them down from 1000 to number 1. This blog is his #2, which is a deep recognition of who we are, wher are come from and an appeal to make the most of it. Click to see the #1 and then maybe flick through some of the others in the list. He’s even written them up in a few books, which have become best sellers, and people get together to have 1000 awesome clubs and readings. AWESOME,

1000 Awesome Things

Over dinner one night my dad started telling me about his first day in Canada.

It was 1968 and he was twenty-three, arriving on a plane with eight dollars in his pocket to start a new life by himself in a country he had never visited.

“A community group had a welcome dinner for new immigrants,” he started excitedly “And they had a big table of food!”

I was unimpressed.

“A table of food,” I agreed flatly while staring straight ahead and flipping past baseball highlights on TV.

“A table of food,” he continued. “Basically Neil, all the presentation of the picnic food on the table, I didn’t recognize. There were two or three kinds of salad. Potato salad, macaroni salad, maybe coleslaw. Probably four different kinds of sandwiches, ham sandwich, turkey sandwich, chicken sandwich, roast beef sandwich. Then there were the main courses they called it, you know…

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