You wowed me so I blog

A few weeks ago, distracted and sleepy I backed my car into our limestone wall. I should’ve known better, especially as my wife was watching on. It was highly embarrassing. I stupidly had the radio on, was fiddling with my sunglasses and probably the phone at same time. I ignored the increasingly rapid pips of the reverse sensors and carried on until I heard the scrunch of metal against wall. D’Oh!

Sadly my car of 12 months already had some other dinks and scratches on by this time, so when I got out surveyed the damage I realised I would probably have to bite the bullet and get someone to come and fix it. Fortunately a colleague at work gave me a great recommendation – an “Andrew” who could actually touchup cars so well you have no idea it had been dinked before. Basically, he could get it back to showroom condition. So I e-mailed the guy and he said “can you email me a picture so I can quote you?”. I did this (see photo on left above) and he said it would be a couple of hundred dollars. Deal!

And so it came to pass, Andrew duly arrived at our house and after a few hours of polishing and painstaking effort, he had it back as good as new (see photo on right). He did the other three lesser nicks and dinks too. Well, you could have blown me down with a feather. There was no way you would know there had been scratches before. I did not even know this sort of thing was possible without a total reconstruction of the back wing, and thousands upon thousands of our good Australian dollars. (There’s a racket going on here isn’t there?)

So, I was WOWED, and true to form I wanted to tell people about it, and I have. In this way, should you ever be as foolish as me or innocently have a scrape on your car, do give Andrew a call. I was utterly gobsmacked. And as mentioned yesterday, the real power of social media is to pass on referrrals to others. Wow them with your service such that they tweet, facebook or blog about it. He wowed me, and so I blogged.

For any cosmetic vehicle repairs, contact Andrew Lynch from Smart Finish – 0423 667 851 (Andrew does not know about blog, nor has he paid for it – this is a completely unsolicited blog post!)


4 thoughts on “You wowed me so I blog

  1. This marketing 101 stuff. Telling 10 other people of good or bad service. Very effective and no cost to you nor Andrew for that matter. I might have some work for Andrew.

    • Exactly Michael! Do use Andrew if you need anything done like scratch removal, although judging from his web site he can do more than just small nicks and dinks.

      If more businesses concentrated on thikning about how they can produce WOW customer service (rather then spamming people on social media with how great they are), the world would be a great place, AND those businesses would get more results from social media anyway!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Charlie!! Just scratched the below bumper of my new car and saw your tweeter about it (what a coincidence); will certainly get a quote tomo. Cheers.

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