Armed with my Banda copies, I would march into 5B business class looking ever so confident with my pre-prepared over head projector (OHP) slides ready for all comers. The burly boys in the back row were suitably unimpressed as I swung into action, but I ploughed on regardless. Business class last thing on a Friday was not the most opportune to embibe Drew Peacock (yes, that was his name, say it fast…) and the various Bazzers, Dazzers and Sharons with the 4Ps of marketing, but this ‘fresh out his box’ teacher carried on regardless.

Often of course it was organised chaos, and if half the class were sitting in seats and learning something, then it was quite an achievement. If they piled through my banda handouts in quick time, then the old OHP might capture their attention for a few minutes as I asked them to take notes. This they quite liked, and some would take ages underlining the heading and changing coloured pens. If the Headmaster had walked by at this instant and looked through the glass window, he would have nodded approvingly. Towards the end of my 13 years school teaching career, I was doing the same with PowerPoint, but in the mid 80s such a thing was unimagined. 25 years since my 5B class and my 8 year old’s primary school teacher has an interactive smart board with Internet and other things you swipe and interact with in the screen. How times change … but the trusty OHP, you were often my saviour.

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