BANNED 2: “Because I didn’t have the time”

I felt better that I got that off my chest yesterday, so here’s another bug bear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time“. No excuse. Ever! You mean you did not prioritise and make time. You thought something else was more important, which may be true, so at least be honest and say that. That’s fine, but don’t bleat “no time”.

I’ve found there is actually ample time to get loads of things done – it comes down to not faffing about on things that are not important, and getting the important stuff done (concentrating on it, no distractions and motivating yourself to get it done well). Prioritising things, keeping it fun, having some time off and getting enough exercise and good food into you so you stay alive and bright.

Not had enough time.” Gimme strength. Along with “never done it like that before“… A pox on both your houses!

2 thoughts on “BANNED 2: “Because I didn’t have the time”

  1. Maybe it means “I consider what you have asked me to be rubbish and not worth my time” reading between the lines is important – good feedback for a manager. Some managers will understand this and change their approach accordingly, others consider it a slap in the face and only makes things worst.

    • Good point Isaak. But I meant that you have asked someone to do something, or it was their job to do it, prepare it for the meeting, be there ready, everyone else has… and this muppet bleats “I didn’t have time” – be honest, you didn’t make it important enough, so explain why not. If you don’t agree with it, then explain. Let’s cut all this reading between the lines, and be open. Let’s stop hiding behind platitudes and feeble non excuses.

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