Swing slow, go further

When I was 19 (probably ten years too late) I ventured onto a golf course for the first time, and hit 104. Not bad for a first round. 30 years on, and I rarely score less than 90. I bet this is the story for most weekend hackers like myself.

My kids are primary school age, so I have been encouraging them into golf, which mainly involves sharing a bucket of balls at the local driving range. After a few goes at this, they look like they are getting the hang of it. Meanwhile, my game trundles along at a 18 handicap (“bogey golf”), which is not tragic, but does not seem to have moved much over the years. Yes I know I do not play enough (9 holes on a Sunday afternoon). And yes, although I have had a few lessons, I probably do not train enough (apart from the occasional bucket of balls with the kids), but I would have hoped to have got  a little better over the ensuing decades.

Last week I shot a 42 (pretty good) on 9 holes and yesterday 47 (not so good), but that adds to 89 for a round, so pretty much par for the course (for me anyway). I was hitting the ball quite well on both half rounds, but made stupid mistakes (fluffed chips that cost me 2 shots, hopeless putt that caused a 3-putt, you know the sort of thing). Eradicate those and I’d be there. What I also know, but is hard to employ half way down the swing is to swing slow and easy. Hit it easier and the ball goes further. Try and force it and you hit it badly. Easy to remember, but so easy to forget in the field of battle. In a way this is a metaphor for life (*getting a bit deep now, dear reader*), take it easy, keep cool and calm and things go better, and you do better.

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