Short Post is a Good Post

Everytime I enter  a meeting where someone says ‘a good meeting is a short meeting’, I know I am in for a long one.

Short form blogging is twitter, and facebook updates and basically very short, txt message like posting. It takes  a certain skill to keep things short, but with so much faff around in the world, it’s a good skill to acquire. Plus you can get creative and be inventive when under the strictures of keeping it short. The Japanese haiku is a great example of that. An ex strategic management professor of mine made us only hand in 250 words assignments. We got suspicious when even 35 page case studies had to be analysed in 250 words (every assignment), and later he got fired, so maybe that was just because he did not want to mark much work? Yeah probably.

Long form blogging is two to four paragraphs (that seems short to me). So I have tried to keep this blog to no more than 4 paras, and with that I will sign off, as I am already at three.

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