The driveway moment

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and on it a business coach said “you are the star of your own movie”. He went on to say that although this may be true, everyone you come into contact with is also the star of their own movie, and of course everyone has wildly different plot lines.

And there’s the rub.

We become so wrapped up in our own lives, that we need to ‘perception switch’ to think about it from the other person’s point of view. You ring someone for an appointment, to make a sale, how was their day today I wonder? Their teenage daughter was rude to them? They’ve just had bad news about a strange pain they’ve been feeling? A death in the family maybe?

Even the simpler things, like coming home from work and walking in the front door need careful tact and diplomacy. At least I have our cute little puppy dog that bounds up the hall and is deliriously excited to greet me every night, the kids are busy on their computer games/Wii/Cartoon Network as not to notice anymore, and my other half is usually hard at work finishing dinner. (Sounds like a typical nuclear family eh?)

And this is where the driveway moment comes in.

Remember, everyone is the star of their own movie – my wife is, my kids are in, even the dog. So take a moment, breathe in, and enter your home like you would if you were arriving late to the theatre. You’d creep in quietly, assess the situation, ask what’s been going on, and then join in. Don’t bluster in with your movie. Realise others have theirs too.

Photo: scene from ‘Wait til your father gets home’ (1970s cartoon)

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