On yer bike

I live about 7 or 8 kilometres from work, and it’s a fairly pleasant bike ride in. Nothing too hilly, nothing too dangerous, a few roads to cross (7 in fact) and most of the ride is on bike paths or quiet side streets. I find it to be safe, and clean and easy, and (on my brand new steed with front shocks) it only takes me 20 minutes.

So once a week I ride to work. This gives me some much needed exercise (often the only real exercise my heart, legs and lungs get every week) and allows another staff member to take my car spot for the day. Car spots are highly sought after at our place of work. If I don’t need my car at all for more than one day a week (it’s possible) I’d bike in more than once. But at least once a week, that gets the heart bumping and the blood flowing. And then there’s the nice shower at the start of the day, and this time of year, jumping in the pool at home at the end of the day. I have a iPhone arm strap thing so I can play my latest podcasts as I ride, so I am entertained as well.

I highly recommend biking to work. Win win! In fact, I will stop this blogging malarky right now, as excuse me, but I really need to get on me bike.

Photo Credit: EarthandIndustry.com

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