Busier Times ahead

The roads were a bit busier today.

After a quiet first week back, in which many in these parts would have taken that first week off, you could tell there were more people going to work today. Still pretty quiet compared to high season, but definitely more happening. More people back ‘at mill’ too, with all the management back at it and more of a buzz about the place. More meetings, more semblance of normality, whatever that means.

I like January. After the break of Christmas and New Year, I return to work refreshed and pumped for what the New Year has to offer. January is still quiet, so I can get more work done, more planning for the coming year (set some goals for 2012), and also have a look at how we are doing half way through the financial year. Are we on track to meet our targets? How did the first half go? Anything need tweaking?

With half our clients seemingly on holidays still, you get less interruptions at work. More time to get some real reports done, do some thinking on some improvements, get some designs done, talk to colleagues about what we can do this year.

2012 is going to be very interesting. And busy. I feel pumped and primed and ready. Let’s get to it!

Cartoon Credit: www.glasbergen.com. Dictionary definition of ‘busy’: www.Dictionary.com 

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