Doodling is good for you

Have you discovered TED Talks yet? Standing for “Technology Entertainment Design”,  TED is a not for profit devoted to spreading new ideas, and brings together some awesome speakers at various venues all year round.

Their best talks are all online ( and they are extremely good, and short! Usually 10 minutes, no more.

A friend on Facebook put up one today, which I have now watched twice, and sent around to some colleagues at work. ‘Doodlers, Unite!’ by Sunni Brown. As Sunni says, “studies show that sketching and doodling improves our comprehension — and our creative thinking. So why do we still feel embarrassed when we’re caught doodling in a meeting? Unlock your brain via pad and pen. Doodle!”

So often doodling a during a meeting is seen as a sign that you are not listening, worse, you are being rude, aloof and acting all high and mighty. In fact, doodlers remember 29% MORE verbal information than non doodlers. This is because it allows the brain to focus (not wander), stay in touch, and your doodles can often highlight, and creatively mind map what is being relayed at the time.

Doodling is also a key part of the way we learn – it’s not just for kids! So, doodle away Earthlings. Be not afraid, and if someone ‘catches you’ doodling in a meeting, just calmly explain that you are helping yourself to process information visually so as to solve problems . So there.

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