Internet on my TV

I now have internet on my TV.


Just analysing that first sentence is incredible. Internet on my TV. I remember growing up in the 1970s when we all sat down to watch a TV show, as a family, me probably squatting cross legged on the floor. The 6pm TV news was an event in our household. Later someone might shout ‘Tom and Jerry’s on!’ and we’d all come running. No VCRs, no endless channels, no satellite. Watch it, or miss it. We ran our lives through the shows we’d watch as adolescents.

One of my favourite movies, Back to the Future, predicted (in the 2nd instalment in 1989) what life might be like in 2015 and what kinds of gadgets we’d have. The predictions have nearly all come into being. Among them was a massive wall-mounted interactive TV which Marty McFly is fired by his Japanese boss. Interesting how they thought Japanese business would take over everything. No one quite predicted the rise of China back in the 1980s.

Well, the future is now a reality. With the new smart TV, I can skype watching my brother from the other side of the world speak to me as I chat with him. I can view a dozen or so internet TV stations watching what I like on demand. I can do my facebook and twitter, and any of the normal internet browsing all from the 55″ TV in my lounge. Plus the thing is so damn large and sharp, the HD quality just blows my mind. My orevious 42″ plasma looks terrible by comparison … yet I seemed happy with it last week. 

Did I mention the 3-D? You get two pairs of 3-D glasses with it, and can watch everything (everything) in simulated 3-D – which is just incredible. Buy a blu ray 3D player and you can actually watch full 3-D movies, with things coming out of the screen at you too. The simulated 3-D gives great depth to anything you watch, but nothing jumps out at you.

So here we are, 2012, internet on my huge TV, sharp as a tack, fully connected to the world wide web. The Future is here. Enjoy.

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