First day back blues

Well, I have survived my first day back at work for 2012.

Quiet on the roads, Beast of Burden blaring loudly in the car, I made it in at the usual time. The normal start of the year ritual of asking everyone how their Christmases and New Years went as per usual, with everyone slightly tentative and repeating the same thing they said to you about an hour earlier. About a third of the staff were not around, having had the sense to take leave this week. It’s the first week of Jan, everyone seems to be on holiday, the sun is out, and there’s a Test match on the TV. Even my boss kept me updated on the score.

Most staff (understandably) were going through the motions and not really here in spirit. I find it does take a day to get into the swing of it, after having had a nice 10 days off relaxing at home. I also think I’ve put on 2kgs. Better bike in on Friday, looks like better weather (as in, cooler). Biking in 40C is not that fun.

A member of the team was off today, and so I did her work. She had 161 emails backed up, lots of junk, but it only took an hour to get through them, as they were mainly easy things – fix this here, can you change that there?

My mind goes back to the first day of school when I was a kid. Having been packed off to boarding school aged 10 (and a very young 10 I was too) I hated the first day. A huge pit formed in my stomach days out as I ticked off the days and hours left of the school holidays. I seem to remember loving school once I got back into the swing of it. Almost 40 years on, things have hardly changed.

Photo Credit: Cork Independent

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