Musings from a 48 year old

I almost set up a blog 5 years ago. My company was contemplating an IPO  at the time and a fellow CEO urged me to blog about the whole dang process. “When will you ever get the chance again?” Good point. I got as far as setting one up, but never did anything. Like so many blogs, it was abandoned (at birth in my case) … it just did not stand a chance, poor thing.

So why now? Well, in the past 5 years, a lot has happened. My company did not IPO, but I did sell it 2 years ago, and we have all moved on to work for our new masters. I have set up and encouraged clients to blog as part of their promotional work. I have delivered seminars & keynote speeches on blogging and social media, and have been posting on various blogs over the past five years. I suppose with the dawn of a new year, maybe it’s time to commit to something. It’s 2012, and that in itself sounds like a sci fi movie title.

Some say you should never be as unoriginal and amateurish as to name a blog ‘musings of…’. But I will.

It’s just musings from a 48 year old. Amateurish? Probably. But ‘blogs’ were always meant to be nothing more than “web logs” (where the word ‘blog’ comes from). It’ll be a diary of sorts. I don’t expect anyone to read it necessarily, but if you do, fine. I’ll not promote it, and I’ll not name myself in it. I aim to post every day, so I wonder what 2012 will hold? It’ll all unfold in 365 steps…

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